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Bodo Korsig is one of the most innovative of young German Artists. In addition to being an expert in fine art printmaking, he is a sculptor, and designer of artist-made books.
Over the last several years, Korsig has become close friends with number of leading American and German neuroscientists.
The form depicted in his works-ones that suggest neural synapses-are both strong and fragile.
Bodo Korsig’s work explores the limits of philosophy and science by asking questions about personal identity and the matter of the mind, and how we artificially can affect them.
Fine art print are usually of a small scale, but some of Korsig’s woodcuts are seven by nine feet, created with a steamroller rather that a traditional printing press. The result of this seemingly brutal technique is paradoxically very delicate and mysterious. Like imagined workings of the brain, Korsig’s art works are elusive and indefinable.

Prof. Robert Mattison New York 2003