1992Kunstpreis Trier-Saarburg, Germany
1995Ramboux-Preis Trier, Germany
Stipendium Hertogenbusch, Niederlande
1996Stipendium Kunstfonds Berlin, Germany
1997Kunstpreis Holzschnitt Ludwigsburg, Germany
1998Franz-Josef-Spiegler-Preis, Germany
1999Stipendium Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop, Germany
Internationales-Studio-Programm New York, USA
2003Max Kade Foundation, Grant / USA
2004Stipendium Schloss Wiepersdorf, Germany
Grand Prix 4th International Triennial Prague, Czech Republic
2005ArtOmi New York, USA
2007kunstraum sylt quelle, Germany
2012Artist Residency Inside-Out Art Museum Beijing, China
2015Artist Residency Largo das Artes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jozi Art:Lab Johannesburg, Südafrika, South Africa
2017 CCA Andratx, Spain
2018 Residency Art Center Bern, Switzerland
2021Innovation Prize for Art and Culture, Germany


Since I started creating, I am continually challenged by my own practice to alternately explore multiple media including sculpture, video installation and stage design. My work has always explored the relationship between art and social connections.  I have collaborated with writers, musicians and dancers.

For about twenty years my main theme has been to model human behavior under extreme conditions such as fear, violence, pressure or death. In this I am especially intrigued by the  neurological and cognitive processes that are difficult to record purely scientifically.  I want to provoke a new perception of the processes at the interface of biological determination and human consciousness.  I am interested in creating a new pictorial language as the expression of brain functions and human awareness, using the biological body, metaphysical symbols, and the crystalisation of the spoken word.