Making Peace With The Past

By Victor M. Cassidy The graphic forms in Bodo Korsig’s printed paintings and print-like sculptures hover at the edge of recognizability, like things flitting in and out of memory or a dream. Black and linear, like doodles or enigmatic emblems blown up to enormous scale, they may suggest bits of machinery, street trash or microscopic […]

Zone of Pain

28.06.2015 to 13. 09.2015GASK Barborská 51 – 53,284 01 Kutná Hora Bodo Korsig is an artist whose life and work crosses borders. Born in East Germany, he made forged his career in the West. His visual expression is symbiotically intertwined with ideas expressed through words. He rejects printmaking’s traditional form as an intimate idiom […]

Richard Drury

Bodo Korsig (born 1962) is one of the most innovative German artists of the middle generation. As well as being a specialised printmaker, he also makes spatial objects, artist’s books and videos. Korsig’s work explores the boundaries of philosophy and science by questioning personal identity, how the human mind is composed and how these boundaries […]

Catherine Lee

Bodo Korsig, from Trier, Germany, will show his large scale cast aluminum work, Metamorphoses. This work is rich in meaning, yet remains totally abstract. It begs several questions, who or what, is being morphed and why? Is that better or maybe worse? It’s organic form and subtle coloration do not lend answers but rather increase […]

A Non-Linear Linearity

Eve Wood Bodo Korsig has a “visual opinion” on just about everything, yet despite the strength of his convictions, he is a true master of the understated gesture, weighing in equally on the miraculous as well as the mundane. Korsig’s mixed media sculptures made from polished chrome steel, wood and colored paper would be considered […]


With abstraction, research changes from reference, narrative, literality or information to the tools of the trade – colour, space, form, texture, line. Bodo Korsig parries enigmatic line drawings of shapes that have metamorphic, biological or segmented suggestions with the word (man’s ultimate abstract creation). The word is mark making that communicates message rather than existing […]


On 10th September 2008 Bodo Korsig, an artist based in Germany and the USA, had a long telephone conversation with Richard Noyce. This is a record of part of that conversation: RN: Bodo, do you think printmaking will survive? BK: It has already survived a long time – from ancient prints on hand- made paper […]

Bodo Korsig at Tenri

Art in America, Jan, 2008 by Jonathan GoodmanPublished: December 21, 2007 
Bodo Korsig keeps two studios, one in Trier, Germany, and the other in New York. His internationalism is also borne out in the glyph-like, enigmatic forms that make up his visual vocabulary. Working in a variety of mediums and modes, including woodcut, linocut, oil […]

I Can’t Stop

Bodo Korsig’s work is both funny and serious. He plays with the subconscious, the familiar, the mundane, and the miniscule. He gets you though, hitting you head on with the periphery, turning things around, stretching, reorienting. His art can be painting, print, or sculpture. Everything is hung on the walls, some coming out a bit […]

Dialoguing With Bodo and My Brain

From my brain to your brain and back again is the movement of psychic information that is implied in Bodo Korsig’s remarkable prints. Or perhaps one might say that for Korsig there is a world of difference, a critical difference, between what we know (or think we know, or hope we know) and what we […]

Bodo Korsig

The power of asked yet unanswered questions is immense. His forms may connote an object, an idea, a sense of time or place but their abstract nature will almost certainly lead each viewer down a different, and meaningful path. Maintaining this abstract stance is doubly complicated by the artist’s sparing use of language. Korsig’s 2006 […]

Hidden Mind: An Exhibition of Recent Work by Bodo Korsig

What’s Love Got to Do With It? Tina Turner asks this age-old question in her celebrated song about the downside of romantic entanglement. So what does love have to do with the art of Bodo Korsig? Quite a lot, along with mortality, memory, poetry, brain science, and the vexing question of what constitutes consciousness. Korsig’s […]

Plural in the Singular. Presenting the Disparate

Remarks on an aspect of production by Peter Herbstreuth Bodo Korsig is one of those artists who have lost all naive confidence in images and drawn conclusions in their disillusionment. Korsig’s constructs are supposed to anonymously signify a lot, and also themselves. This paradoxical entanglement demands a shift in the priorities of perception. One, none, […]

“Where can I buy a new brain?”

by Dr. Christoph Kellendonk and Dr.Gael Mallet Center For Neurobiology and Behaviour Columbia University New York In the early part of the 19th century Franz Joseph Gall, a physician at the University of Vienna, stated that mental processes are biological and arise from the brain. Thereby, he rejected the dualist thinking which separated the body […]

Art on Paper

Bodo Korsig is involved in an intense physical relationship with his materials. “I really hurt the wood,” he says of his process of hand-carving shapes for his woodcuts, indicating the intense emotional quality of his work. His most dramatic prints are created in an appropriately theatrical fashion: by using an industrial steamroller as a Brobdingnagian […]


Bodo Korsig’ssculptures catch you between things – between line and form, between drawing and object, between ostensibly incompatible esthet- ic principles, between „love“ and „biolo- gy.“ Out of a flat composite wood Korsig produces cellular and organic shapes that combine the serial regulari- ty and reductionism of Minimalism with a febrile, brooding sensibility with ancestral […]


Bodo Korsig is one of the most innovative of young German Artists. In addition to being an expert in fine art printmaking, he is a sculptor, and designer of artist-made books. Over the last several years, Korsig has become close friends with number of leading American and German neuroscientists. The form depicted in his works-ones […]

the new horde

To state essentials about their own time is and has always been a challenge for artists. The forms of discussing themes and tendencies are as various as those offered by each society. Almost every time artists, especially, succeed in detecting decisive developments and accents, and transform them into paintings and metaphors. Since the early 20th […]

Bodo Korsig new Works on Paper

The apparent contradictions in the work of Bodo Korsig betray an eloquent (if unconscious) striving to create something whole from an apparently fragment world. In a show last spring entitled FATE, this artist from the former East Germany presented large scale woodcuts from his atelier in Trier, Germany, and a series of small encaustic paintings […]

The signatures of things

What is it that ultimately holds the world together? This is a complex question regarding the reasons for the unfathomable variety and labyrinthine intertwining of things that constitute what we perceive as reality, and upon which our relation-ships to the rest of the world are based. For thousands of years, the search for an answer […]

What’new in woodcuts

Upon my arrival, Bodo Korsig led me into a large, windowless, room whose floor and walls were covered with imprinted canvases. He left me alone there for a while, allowing me time to form my own impressions of his monumental symbols, those grasping and embracing arms, those faceless bodies, those mutually attracting and repelling nondescript […]